hey, I'm liz



  • I'm a Midwest gal, currently based in Minneapolis, MN. Whether you're local or far away, I'm totally down to hop on a plane or hit the road.
  • I've been a photographer for over a decade. I learned on film and hand-developed photos in the dark room. Maybe it was the developer fumes that put the spell on me...
  • I have a dual degree in journalism and international studies from Iowa State, and am currently employed at the University of Minnesota. I love learning and am always on the hunt for a new skill to learn.
  • I love exploring the outdoors and traveling. In the summer, catch me in my canoe with my husband and trusty co-pilot pups Samwise and Bilbo. In spring and fall, I'm probably hiking, hanging in my hammock, or enjoying an afternoon on the patio . Even in winter, better believe I'm suited up and snowshoeing on the trails.
  • Above all, I love a good story. It is my honor to capture your cherished memories. Beautiful photos and video are a timeless treasure.

now it's your turn! .